Toca Farm App

Toca Farm screen shots from iPhone Apple store

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Watch Their Imaginations Grow

Toca Farm screen shots from iPhone Apple store

  • What: Toca Life Farm App
  • When: Three to nine years old
  • Why: Captivating, educational, affordable
  • Where: Amazon or iTunes store

For some reason, the popularity of the Toca Life Farm App with my kids amazes me. We’ve used both Toca Trains and Toca Life Stables for years, and my kids still clamor for more. So how much they love this newest addition to our family should come as no surprise. My youngest child, who often gets short shrift, loves farms and farm equipment. One a recent stay up night, we downloaded the Toca Life Farm App.

Toca Life: Farm app on Amazon

My son loved it so much he talked it up to both his older siblings, ages six and eight. They elected to play together for family game night, forgoing both video games with their father and a brand new kids’ card game they wanted to play.

Child watering seeds in Toca Life Farm app on iPad device screenshot
My kids love growing different crops.

Toca Farm, like the rest of the Toca family of games, lets kid be in charge of the action. In Toca Farm, scenes include the field, a barn, a store, and much more. Kids can plant seeds, tend to them, harvest the crop, and shop at the local market. What my kids enjoy most, though, is producing goods at the factory-like machine.

Three kids sharing one iPad playing Toca Life Farm app cooperatively
I have not heard a single argument from any of my three kids while they play this game.

Kids gather the required ingredients to make products, like strawberry milk and bread to jelly doughnuts and more. My kids love growing and collecting items to see what they can make. I rarely find an educational non-competitive electronic game all three of my kids can enjoy together at the same time on one electronic device. This game made that happen, for over an hour. I hated to disturb their fun, and I loved how they work together and fed off each other’s ideas. I also loved getting a crapload of things knocked off my to do list.

If you want a kid’s app to hold your child’s attention while traveling or at home, check out Toca Farm, and watch their imaginations grow.

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