Little Party Helpers

What to Bring When Hosting a Kid’s Birthday PartyPink and yellow plastic disposable forks

  • What: Small supplies
  • When: Hosting a kid’s birthday party
  • Why: Little things make a big difference
  • Where: Away from your house

Has your kid made a special request for their next birthday party? Whether they want to battle it out with Nerf guns or make a big splash at the local pool, some things never change. Make sure you pack these items to enjoy (almost) stress-free hosting.

Horse themed girl's birthday cake with candles being lit with lighter

If you’re having birthday cake, you”ll need candles and a way to light them.

If you have a birthday cake, you’ll need a few extras, chief among them candles. Birthday cakes don’t go far without something to light on fire, which means you’ll need matches or a lighter of some sort as well. You can order the cake and pick it up on the way (to lessen the odds of unfortunate accidents), but you’ll still need the candles and a way to light them.

Remnants of child's chocolate birthday cake with pink and purple frosting and sparkly cake plate

Cakes also need to be cut. I like to use smaller paper plates for serving.

While we’re on the topic of cake, don’t forget something to cut it. I’ve tried using a plastic knife to slice cake, and it doesn’t make the cut. Pack a real knife or other utensil to get the cake to demanding kids faster.

Whether you provide a meal or snacks for kids, adults, or both, you’ll need plates, napkins, and forks. I like bigger plates for meals (pizza, sandwiches, and more), and smaller ones for cake. Even if you have all finger foods on hand, few kids wants to eat cake without a fork. Grab a pack or more of plasticware to go with the paper napkins and plates.

Stack of paper napkins in blue and orange in cabinet

No matter the occasion or type of food, you’ll want plenty of napkins.

If the kids will be on the loose, a sharpie can go a long way to identifying what cup or juice box belongs to which kid. You can also use stickers for this job, but they can come off with condensation. What’s written in Sharpie stays in Sharpie. Toss one of these permanent markers into your bag just in case, but make sure to supervise any kids who use it.

Plastic and paper cups for parties red Solo cups and rainbow paper cups

You can use a permanent marker to identify cups.

A roll of painters’ tape never goes amiss, either. No matter the venue, you can hang decorations like birthday banners and attach balloons with tape that won’t leave a mark on walls or other surfaces.

Now that you’ve gotten the necessities out of the way, you can sit back, watch the kids go nuts, and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you’ve got this birthday party thing under wraps.


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