A Mom’s To Do List

Dishwasher full of dirty kid dishes

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What’s Done May Never Be Finished

Dishwasher full of dirty kid dishes

  • What: A Mom’s To Do List
  • When: Before birth to after college
  • Why: Some tasks never go away
  • Where: Your home

For once, I do not feel like writing. I have plenty of other things to do. While my four year old has finished school until summer session (where has the time gone?!?), my other two have several weeks left until the end of school. They have a performance coming up and need black clothes. I’ve had this problem before today. I intended to go to Goodwill, but then my eldest informed me he could wear his skeleton pajamas inside out and he was good to go. I have a pair of plain black leggings for my daughter, so all I needed to rustle up was a black long sleeved shirt. I thought I’d get to that in the long weekend. I feel pretty confident that somewhere in the mountain of boy clothes I have a long sleeved black shirt. And I figure I can always turn it inside out if one side has an image.

Black leggings hanging on top of child's REI backpack for school
I managed to round up one pair of black leggings, and put them with my daughter’s school stuff.

But between a recent street scramble and a friend’s adoption celebration, a seventh birthday party bash, and a trip to IKEA, the garden, and the splash park today, I got next to nothing done. I just raided the box of outgrown clothes in the next size up with no luck. (Note to self, there are hardly any size 6 shirts in there at all!) I can still go through the boys’ bins of clothes, but since I keep those in their room, and they’ve gone to bed, I’m kind of out of options for the moment.

Food items on counter for donation to food bank
I have a random assortment of nonperishable items that we aren’t going to use.

I head to work at 7:15 so the odds of this search happening before school tomorrow suddenly seem very slim. Sigh. If I didn’t feel bad enough, I just got a message that the school wants donations for a local food bank. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this to offload some stuff we don’t eat (that brand of soup that makes excellent potato soup but even my kids won’t touch their broccoli cheese variety, and my husband brought home another bag of it). I need to round that up in the next 24 hours to get it out of my house and into the hands of someone who can use it.

Child watering garden with hose
The weather was too nice to be inside getting stuff knocked off my to do list.

And that’s just the extra stuff. The lunches, the dishes, and the laundry never actually get done. I should go start another load of both, unless we want to drown again this week while I work outside the home and the kids and husband stumble along.


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