Alex Loopies Plush

Alex Loopies kids craft kit make your own stuffed animal gray cat version partially finished

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Fluff Your Own Stuffed Animal

Alex Loopies kids craft kit make your own stuffed animal gray cat version partially finished
  • What: Alex Toys Loopies Plush
  • When: Six years and up
  • Why: Make your own stuffed animal
  • Where: Amazon

Have a kid who loves stuffed friends, but can’t handle a needle and thread yet? Look no further than Alex Toys Loopies Plush. This craft kit for kids lets little ones create their own stuffed animals.

Alex Toys Craft Loopies Panda on Amazon

Kids can choose from a cat, panda, or unicorn. Everything they need to make the perfect cuddly companion comes in the box, including a mesh sack for stuffing, thick yarn, a hook, and felt shapes, like a face and paws, to complete the look.

Child working on Alex Toys Loopies cat plush stuffed animal toy on sofa
My daughter attaching the felt face to her cat.

Kids stuff the mesh sack with the yarn, then use the hook to pull loops through the holes in the mesh. They pull loops of yarn through the felt fabric to attach faces, paws, ears, and any other additional parts to the animal. Each pet needs one side completed with loops, so it keeps kids occupied without requiring too much repetitive motion. The instructions include both words and pictures to illustrate each of the six steps. Kids can complete the project in less than hour, or take as long as they want to polish it off.

Instructions from Alex Toys Loopies cat craft project create your own stuffed animal for kids
The instructions come with illustrations for each step.

If you have a crafty kid, or just one who loves stuffed animals, pick one of these kits to nurture their creative spirit.

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