Kids’ Coffee Maker

Make Your Kids a Cuppa JoeJust Like Home kids coffee maker blue with orange accents and white coffee cup uses real water

  • What: Just Like Home Kids’ Coffee Maker
  • When: 18 months and up
  • Why: Realistic, easy to use, sturdy
  • Where: Amazon

My youngest child loves kitchen appliances. He will use any appliance we have, whether he can reap the benefits or not. Take the coffee maker for instance. He asks for a cup of hot cocoa even in the middle of summer if it means he can push the buttons on the coffee maker to get the hot water.

So for his last birthday, we got him this kids’ coffee maker from the brand Just Like Home. I had never heard of that brand before, until we visited a friend’s house and my son fell in love with all the toy appliances there. I went home and ordered one immediately and neither of us has been disappointed.

Child playing with Just Like Home kids coffee maker toy appliance light blue with orange

My son loves this coffee maker for kids,

He has enjoyed it routinely for more than eight months with no signs of wear or tear. It has a light and makes noise just like the real coffee machine. It comes with three pods, including one tea option, that insert into the top when you open the lid. A mug underneath the spout can be removed and enjoyed or served to appreciative customers.

Just Like Home Kids Coffee Maker toy kitchen applianxxece with coffee and tea pods

The coffee and tea pods fit inside for easy storage and fun.

Best of all, it uses real water. While my four year has yet to discover that because I myself had no idea when we got it, it can hold and dispense water. If you fill the reservoir, which conveniently holds two of the coffee pods, with real liquid, the water runs through the machine into the coffee mug. Once my child discovers this feature he will be drinking and serving real water for days on end. I keep saving it as a trick up my sleeve to show him sometime, but that day hasn’t come yet.

For a kid’s kitchen appliance that keeps on giving, get yourself one of these Just Like Home Coffee Makers before they disappear.


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