Father’s Day Crafts

Easy Projects for Awesome DadsChild wearing hardhat in frame decorated with nails and screws

  • What: Father’s Day Crafts
  • When: Birth to college
  • Why: Give dad something to remember
  • Where: Your home

Looking for a cute way to show dad some appreciation on Father’s Day? Try one of these dad-inspired ideas that kids can help create.

Child wearing hard hat in paper photo frame decorated with duct tape

You can even attach the photo with duct tape for extra pizazz.

Duct Tape Photo: Nothing says dads quite like duct tape. Grab a roll, or several, and let your kid loose. Tape a photo onto construction paper and let them have fun tearing off bits and pieces for decorations. For extra bonus points, frame their creation.

Child wearing hard hat and holding drill in photo frame decorated with nails and screws

You can use leftover hardware to decorate the frame.

Hardware Photo: This photo project works best on a flat wooden frame. Find some spare parts (leftover crib screws anyone?) and lay them out. Have kids apply a generous helping of glue (or help them with the hot glue gun). Then they can add their own decoration. Insert a photo and you’ve got a gift that will last for years.

Handprint Canvas: Order a stack of canvas and use some paint to combine art and memories. This project works for even the youngest age group, since you can make hand or footprints of your child at any age.  You can go simple and do one small canvas using colored paint on a white surface or you can use white paint on a colored background (let the colored paint dry first) for more contrast. Earn extra credit for redoing this project over the years, creating a gallery of growth.

If none of those ideas work for your kids, you can always repurpose some Mother’s Day crafts for dads, too.

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