Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects

Fun Family Activities

Dad's Book of Awesome Projects fun family friendly do it yourself activities cover

  • What: Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Easy to follow instructions, fun ideas
  • Where: Amazon

Looking for fun project dad will love that won’t create more problems than it solves? How about a way to get kids in on the action? Grab a copy of Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects for ideas ranging from an afternoon’s entertainment to a weekend’s endeavor.

The book comes with 25 projects neatly divided by the amount of time required. Find more than 20 afternoon activities ranging from homemade ice cream to superhero capes and rope swings. The weekend section has 6 ideas, including a birdhouse and a reading chair. The biggest projects, under the category of school break, pull out the big guns with seesaws, swing sets, and bike jumps.

Homemade ice cream instructions from Dad's Book of Awesome Projects family friendly activities book

Each project includes a supplies list and step by step instructions.

Each project includes a list of materials and step by step instructions. You can also find “Dad Tip” insights scattered throughout the book. No matter how much time dad has on his hands with the kiddos, you can find a project that will appeal to everyone, both during the build and after the completion.

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