Light Up Stuffed Animal

Pimki Pops Jelly Dreams Light Up Unicorn pink stuffed animal glows

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Huggable Illuminated Plush Pets

Pimki Pops Jelly Dreams Light Up Unicorn pink stuffed animal glows
  • What: Pimki Pops Jelly Dreams
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Lights up, soft, squishy
  • Where: Amazon

Looking to light up your little one’s life? Check out these light up stuffed animals from Pikmi Pops Jelly Dreams.

Pimki Pops Jelly Dreams Light Up Plush on Amazon

Each plush friend lights up when you squeeze their foot. A battery compartment tucked inside powers the light, which you can switch on and off. The light can be set to full brightness, half, or strobe lighting, and it will turn itself off after a decent interval. (I haven’t timed it but it hasn’t been on in the morning, either.) You can easily replace the batteries when they run out, though we haven’t encountered that issue yet ourselves. It does not come with batteries, so order a pack if you don’t have any around the house.

Pimki Pop Light Up Stuffed Unicorn pink with rainbow mane hair
My daughter’s unicorn in a dark room.

Your kid can choose from a unicorn, cat, mouse, puppy, bear, or bunny to keep them company. Unlike night lights that double as animals, these guys can cuddle without any hard edges. Kids love the super soft fabric and fluffy texture. All the animals come in a tie dye kind of multi color cloud type pattern with similar shapes. Only the ears and tails differ significantly between types. All three of my kids, ages four, seven, and eight, loved this light up pet.

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