Best of May 2019

Jetkids Bedbox with Fairy Ponies books stacked on top and Driven pocket series trucks on books

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Books, Toys, and Travel for KidsJetkids Bedbox with Fairy Ponies books stacked on top and Driven pocket series trucks on books

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Last month found fairy ponies high in demand, along with tiny trucks that can go almost anywhere. Finally, the ever popular JetKids BedBox made a comeback once again.

Fairy Ponies book series by Zanna Davidson

Fairy Ponies Books: Go on a magical tour with these fairy pony characters and Holly, their human companion. The six books can be read in order, or as stand alone adventures.

Driven Pocket Series construction play set

Driven Pocket Series: These tiny trucks come in blind boxes with road pieces that can be combined to create bigger and better layouts. If you want more action, you can also purchase complete sets with known quantities and types of vehicles.

Two year old using a JetKids BedBox onboard airplane

JetKids BedBox: I’ve used my Jetkids BedBox for years now and never fly with kids without it, even though they have all long since passed the napping stage. I love the flexibility this rolling hard-sided suitcase offers, from a self-propelled toy, to a pull along ride, to extra seating for kids room both before and during a flight.

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