Graduation Hat Craft

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Tip Your Hat to the Little GradChild wearing homemade graduation hat craft for young kids blocks as mini cupcake stands

  • What: Graduation hat craft
  • When: Two to eight years
  • Why: Celebrate educational milestones
  • Where: Your home

Do you have a tiny graduate on your hands? Have you celebrated a big milestone with family or friends, and want to get your little one in on the action? This graduation hat craft works for little hands (and heads!) no matter the occasion.

Child wearing graduation hat craft from bowl and cardboard at kids' party
A few simple materials will create a mortar board for little graduates.

All you need for this simple project is a white disposable bowl, some stiff cardboard, white paper, and any decorations you desire. No cardboard handy? White paper will do in a pinch. Cut a square of cardboard (or paper) slightly larger than the rim of the bowl. You can use the bowl to trace a guideline and cut a square area around it.

If your cardboard isn’t white, glue some white paper to the entire upper surface. Then take the white bowl and turn it upside down.  Glue the bottom of the bowl to the non-white portion of the square of cardboard. Voila! An easy mortar board for small heads. If you want to keep it secure, you can use a hole punch on the edges to tie more string for a chin strap.

Girl wearing decorated mortar board graduation hat art project for kids craft
Kids can decorate their hats any way they’d like.

Now your kids can decorate it with whatever they like. They can use markers, crayons, stickers, or even colored pasta if you want to pull out all the stops for the big day. For extra credit, grab some yarn for a tassel. Cut lots of strings the same length, fold them over, and tie another string around the top, about an inch or so from the fold. You can loop another piece of yarn or string through the loop created at the top of the fold and tie it to a button or anything other bit decorating the top of the hat. Or simply attach it to one corner.

This project works best for young kids whose heads can still fit in the bowl. It can be used for larger groups or individually, depending on the occasion and your needs. Congrats to the newest graduate in the family!

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