Tactile Toys for Infants

S & T brand Baby crinkle square toy soft fabric bright patterns for infants

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Crinkle Fun for Little Ones

S & T brand Baby crinkle square toy soft fabric bright patterns for infants

  • What: Baby Crinkle Square Sensory Toys
  • When: Birth to 12 months old
  • Why: Safe, soft, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Looking for something soft yet intriguing for your infant? Do crinkly noises and soft textures fascinate your child? Get a pack of Baby Crinkle Square Sensory Toys to keep your little one entertained.

Baby Crinkle Square Toy on Amazon

The bright patterns will catch their eye long before they learn to grasp. One they graduate to advanced tummy time and reaching for toys, the satisfying crinkle will have them going for these squares time and time again. One side features super soft minky type fabric. The other side offers contrasting patterns. Crinkly paper squeezed safely in between the two pieces of fabric makes a satisfying noise babies crave.

The squares come in a two pack, so you can keep one at home and one for on the go. Add one of these small pieces of fabric to the car seat to keep them busy during a drive, or during a walk. Keep one near the infant gym or with your other baby toys to provide some contrasting textures. They fit easily into any diaper bag. These squares can be tossed in the washing machine with all the other baby laundry when they need cleaning, making it super easy to take care of them and keep them in rotation.

Grab some today and discover how much your baby loves to crinkle these touchable textiles.

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