Family Game Night

Three kids gathered around ipad playing cooperative electronic game Toca Farm app

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Weekly Family Fun

Three kids gathered around ipad playing cooperative electronic game Toca Farm app

  • What: Family Game Night
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Quality family time together
  • Where: Your home

I wanted one evening each week devoted to sitting down and playing with my kids. After all the dishes and laundry and picking up, I found myself spending less quality time with my family. Given the success and motivational properties of Family Movie Night, I thought we could try another night dedicated to playing games together.

Kids playing football board game on floor
We can play group games no matter where we end up on Sunday evening.

My kids love it.  If I gave them an option of a movie or game, I don’t know which one they would pick. So we do both every week. We usually do Family Game Night on Sunday evenings, to wind down after busy weekends and avoid overbooking with activities before the school and work week rush.

Two kids playing battleship in front of fireplace
Battleship was a favorite game for a time.

We let the kids choose the games these days. We’ve done everything from board games like Monopoly Junior (or the full version if we have time) or Battleship to chess, Osmo Coding, and even video games like Nintendo Switch Labo. No matter what we choose, we sit down together and enjoy each other’s company. We also like competing to see who wins or gets the better score, though I personally like to throw some cooperative games like Three Little Piggies in as well.

Three kids playing Osmo coding Awbie app on Ipad on floor
My kids all tried to solve the coding challenges on Osmo Coding.

We eat dinner a bit earlier than on weekdays since we have everyone home, and use the extra time to play games. Plus, I love having even more motivation for my kids to pitch in around the house and earn their checkmarks to qualify for game night.

No matter what game we play, Family Game Night is a win win for everyone in our household.

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