Eight Date Ideas

Eight Dates Essential Conversations for a Lifetime of Love by Dr. John Gottman Julie Schwarz Gottman

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Let Your Personal Relationship Blossom

Eight Dates Essential Conversations for a Lifetime of Love by Dr. John Gottman Julie Schwarz Gottman
  • What: Eight Dates book 
  • When: Before birth to after college
  • Why: Reconnect with your romantic partner
  • Where: Amazon

Tired of dinner and a movie? Looking for some fresh ideas to reconnect with your partner? You may or may not have found time in the pregnancy or newborn stage to catch up with Dr Gottman’s And Baby Makes Three book. But no matter where you are in your relationship, with kids or without, you can grab a copy of Eight Dates: Essential Conversations for a Lifetime of Love by the same author. 

Eight Dates book on Amazon

This book comes evenly divided into eight chapters, with a long introduction. It includes questions for strengthening your romantic relationship at any stage, from newly dating to long after the kids empty the nest. If you want to reconnect or revitalize your relationship, or if you feel like you know everything about your partner, this book will enlighten you.

Table of Contents from Eight Dates Essential Conversations for a Lifetime of Love
The book covers eight big topics, from sex to money.

Each chapter includes a questionnaire. For the best results, both partners need to read the book, but it can certainly kick start some conversations even if only one person puts in the effort. Both people should read the appropriate chapter and answer the corresponding questions at the end before the actual date begins. The book even offers suggestions on where to go for each date, taking into account that some of these conversations work best in private rather than public settings.

You can work through the chapters in any order, but they get more involved the further along you go. And no guarantees, either. If you can’t have a conversation without someone yelling, this book won’t fix your problems. But if you just need a little more energy and connection in a relationship that’s gotten swamped with monotonous to do lists, it can help you rediscover what you love about your partner. With eight distinct ideas on topics that matter, it will give you ideas for eight weeks, or eight months, or eight days of dates- however fast you want to go through them.

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