Kid Dishes

IKEA Kalas kid bowls stacked up next to tractor cups

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Get Affordable Dishes That Can Outlast Your Kids

IKEA Kalas kid bowls stacked up next to tractor cups
  • What: Dishes for young kids
  • When: 6 months and up
  • Why: Affordable, durable, colorful
  • Where: Amazon or IKEA

 Let’s face it. Kids can be rough on stuff. And when you use that stuff every day, multiple times a day, you need quality products that can stand up to accidents, abuse, and everyday use. Take dishes, for instance. If you want quality dishes that will last for your kid’s childhood and beyond, look no further than Ikea Kalas Dishes.

IKEA Kalas 6 Pack Plates on Amazon

I noticed on a recent trip to IKEA that they’ve redesigned their popular Kalas kid dish sets. We’ve had ours for at least eight years, and except for one plate that recently got microwaved well past when it should have, you can’t tell how much they’ve been used. I hope the new dish sets work just as well and as long.

IKEA Kalas kid dish sets bowls and cups stored in kitchen drawer as seen from above
We keep our IKEA kids’ bowls and cups in a drawer.

You can get a set of six plates, bowls, cups, or utensils. Or you can buy all four bundles to make a complete set of dinnerware. Each set includes a six colors. We bought two sets of six plates, three sets of bowls (one of the older design, and two more of the next design), and I have no idea how many cups and utensils. With three kids, that gives us enough for several days of meals and snacks. We go through them faster when the kids eat at home instead of packing lunches. But even during long summer breaks, we have enough that we don’t need to run an extra load in the dishwasher to get clean tableware. 

Dishwasher loaded with dirty dishes including IKEA Kalas plastic colored kid bowls plates cups
IKEA Kalas dishes go in the dishwasher on either rack.

Each plate comes in a bright color in resilient material that can be safely microwaved and is dishwasher friendly on any rack. As a downside, if you have two kids who want the same color, you only get one of each color per pack. You have to buy two (or three) packs to get multiples of the same color. 

We have eaten outside, been on picnics, traveled further afield, and used them every single day for years, and I still love them. So do my kids. We’ve definitely augmented our collection of IKEA dishes with some special items here and there, but for standard dinnerware you don’t have to worry about the kids breaking, these dishes don’t disappoint.

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