How to Fit a Car Seat on a Camel

Tales from Traveling with KidsHow to Fit a Car Seat on a Camel and Other Misadventures Traveling with Kids

  • What: How to Fit a Car Seat on a Camel
  • When: Before birth to college
  • Why: Funny, easy read
  • Where: On your next trip

I read this book several years back, and remember being disappointed. But I wanted helpful hints on traveling exotic places with small offspring. Instead, How to Fit a Car Seat on a Camel offers humorous anecdotes from around the world.

Each chapter contains a different story about the bumps in the road parents hit while traveling with kids. More importantly, each story will make you grateful you’re not that parent, and that the only person your kid annoys is the poor passenger immediately in front of them when they can’t stop kicking their seat. (I’ve had offended passengers move away from us before the flight even finished boarding, and my kids couldn’t even reach the seat back yet.)

Finally, reading these tales can help you realize you can still go on adventures with kids of any age in tow. It may not make you less apprehensive about the worst possible outcome, but I guarantee the parents included in this book have problems you never thought possible. If you want an easy entertaining read, look no further than How to Fit a Car Seat on a Camel.

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