Swim Goggles for Kids

Swim Instead of SinkingAqua2ude kids swim goggles rainbow colored strap unicorn print lenses

  • What: Swimming goggles for kids
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Fun, useful, affordable
  • Where: Any water activity

Got a reluctant swimmer on your hands? Is your little one terrified of the water? Try a pair of these fun goggles to ease any strange sensations and encourage them to get their head under water.

My kids hate having water in their eyes, but refused to wear boring black and white goggles. I offered them their choice of designs, and now they love having their own gear. They take their goggles everywhere, from the community pool, to the beach, wading pool, and even the spray park. They get mad when I bring a swimsuit but not goggles, so I’ve learned to leave them in the swim bag.

Child swimming wearing Aqua2ude goggles in swimming pool

You can get everything from shiny unicorns to sharks, turtles, crabs, dinosaurs, mermaids, and much more. Be the talk of the neighborhood pool with the design of your kid’s choosing. As an added bonus, not only do they keep the water (and any chemicals) out of your kid’s eyes, but they also keep hair out of their face as well.

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