Toothbrush Surprise

Living with OffspringKid toothbrushes in toothbrush holder in front of bathroom mirror

  • What: Toothbrush surprise
  • When: Kids finished brushing
  • Why: Who knows
  • Where: Your home

I knew I lived with kids, but this sight confirmed it. It won’t be the last time I find myself surprised by their effects on our living space, either. I walked into our bathroom after the kids had gone to bed the other week and found these poking out at me.

Kids toothbrushes stuck with suction cup to side of sink over toilet

I found this sight of my kids’ toothbrushes unexpected.

I left them there. But if your house also looks like it has been ransacked on a regular basis, and yet no one would dare to break in, know you aren’t alone. And feel free to share your moments of cohabitating with small humans.

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