Best of June 2019

Jetkids Bedbox with Fairy Ponies books stacked on top and Driven pocket series trucks on books

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Keeping Kids EntertainedJetkids Bedbox with Fairy Ponies books stacked on top and Driven pocket series trucks on books

  • What: Most popular posts
  • When: June 2019
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With school finishing up, kids need entertainment. From traveling to staying at home, here are the most popular posts helping parents keep kids happy from June.

Fairy Ponies Magic Necklace beginning chapter book for kids by Zanna Davidson

Fairy Ponies Books: These books continue in their popularity, both on the blog and at our house. My daughter has read them for the third or fourth time. We don’t always go in order so I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve read each of the six books in the series. But yesterday I read out loud to three girls, all of whom sat perfectly still listening until we finished the book. You can’t beat that, especially during the chaos of summer break.

Driven Pocket Series construction bridge set with trucks vehicles and signs and child's hand

Driven Pocket Series: We played with these tiny truck sets yesterday, too. My son set up a city with the gas station set and connecting tracks on the dining room table. By the time we needed the table to eat, he had packed it all away again, another little summertime miracle.

JetKids BedBox shown open packed inside with headphones and snack bag

JetKids BedBox: Still one of the perennial favorites no matter the season, this traveling companion has popped back into the most popular posts yet again. With its storage and flexibility as a stroller substitute or extended seat onboard airplanes, I see why people keep coming back for more.


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