Thomas the Train Look and Find

Thomas and friends look and find book with hidden pictures

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Thomas and His Friends Play Hide and Seek

Thomas and friends look and find book with hidden pictures

  • What: Thomas the Train Look and Find book
  • When: 12 months to 4 years
  • Why: Affordable, engaging, builds pre-literacy skills
  • Where: Amazon

I don’t normally go in for commercial characters, and the Thomas shows drive me batty. But two out of three of my kids have loved Thomas (and the third one loved trains but wasn’t particular about their names or paint schemes), so our sitter got them this Thomas look and find book as a gift.

Thomas the Train Look and Find book on Amazon

I don’t mind Thomas in book form anywhere near as much as the shows themselves. And it turns out I like this book more than the story books or the shows. It features enough Thomas to keep enthusiasts happy, while at the same time it offers an age-appropriate challenge. Each page has pictures of what they need to find, and they only need to find one of each item. Kids don’t even have to be able to count to get the satisfaction of finding items. It requires zero literacy skills but offers great practice at sitting still, looking closely at pages, and recognizing shapes in different contexts. All these skills come in handy for pre-literacy learning.

Knapford Station page spread from Thomas and Friends look and find book
Each page features a different scene with objects to find.

You can also get a smaller more durable board book in the Little First Look and Find on Amazon version. If you want a beginning look and find book for your Thomas lover or train enthusiast, get a copy of this book to chug on into your household.

Thomas and Friends Look and Find board book on Amazon

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