BedBox Away From Home

JetKids BedBox riding on Joovy stroller board glider board behind Snap stroller

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Bedding Down During Travel

JetKids BedBox riding on Joovy stroller board glider board behind Snap stroller

  • What:  More Uses for the JetKids BedBox
  • When: Traveling with young kids
  • Why: Get your money’s worth
  • Where: Amazon

If you want an excuse to splurge on the JetKids BedBox, here’s one more reason I love it. On our most recent trip, we used both the mattress and the box itself at our destination as well as en route.

JetKids BedBox on Amazon

Once we reached our hotel, my youngest child set up camp in the space between the two full beds. He used the bed box at the end of the beds to block off “his” space, and attached the lid on one side only to make a doorway. My middle child camped out in the closet, so we laid the BedBox mattress in there to make it more comfortable for her.

Child sleeping between two hotel beds with the JetKids BedBox at the foot of the beds
You can just spot the BedBox peeking out at the bottom of the photo as my son slept between two hotel beds.

In case you’re worried, we didn’t force our kids to sleep on the floor. We had two beds for five people, and one large love seat, so we had room for everyone. But they each wanted their own space and claimed various areas of the room upon arrival. Since it meant I got an entire bed to myself instead of sharing, I went with it. I thought they might change their minds after one night, but lucky me! I got three nights of this awesome arrangement thanks in large part to the magic attraction of the BedBox for my kids.

JetKids BedBox mattress on floor of hotel closet
The mattress from the BedBox fit perfectly into the hotel closet, so we moved the suitcase stand out.

For even younger kids, the mattress comes with two soft sides that attach with Velcro. We’ve never even used those, but you could attach them as well and have a nice cushy confined small bed area for young kids to use on the go.

Child reading instructions printed on JetKids BedBox lid
All three of my kids fight over our one BedBox.

Our mattress needed some serious cleaning after all our trips. I tossed it into the wash and it came out looking brand new, unlike any child had ever feasted or slept or sat on it. So rest easy knowing whatever your kids throw at it, it will likely come out in the wash.

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