Date Night Ideas

Two kids running through grass at a park on a sunny day with blue skies

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Two kids running through grass at a park on a sunny day with blue skies
  • What: Date night ideas
  • When: You book a sitter
  • Why: Get out of your dating rut
  • Where: Your town

Got a sitter but no idea where to go? Sick of dinner, a movie, or that old standby, dinner and a movie? Try some of these ideas to rekindle your connection with your partner next time you can get away from your offspring. If you didn’t find inspiration in Eight Dates (I admit I had hoped for more ideas on places to go), maybe this list will inspire you.

Diner in San Francisco shiny red booth and tile floor restaurant
Why eat at one place when you can pick three?

Progressive Dinner: If you need to eat but can’t decide on one place, try a progressive dinner date night style. Pick one place to grab an appetizer to share. Walk over to a different restaurant for your main meal. And finish off at a third place by splitting a dessert. It will get you out in the fresh air, and get moving between courses to boot. Plus by walking (or driving in a pinch) you get more time to talk about anything but the kids.

People sitting on J J Cole picnic blanket eating picnic food
Your beloved picnic blanket can also be fun just for two.

Picnic in the Park: If you’re tired of eating out, and want to save a few bucks, pull out the picnic blanket and pack a meal for two. You can find a picnic table, too, if you don’t want to sprawl on the grass. Start or finish the evening by enjoying whatever attractions your local park offers, from a walk to a round of tennis.

T-Mobile Park in Seattle at night
Any league will do for date night fun.

Sporting Event: Check out a local sports team for entertainment and food combined. Most sporting events offer refreshments, and you can combine your meal with your preferred sport. A lot of stadiums and venues will allow outside food and empty water bottles if you don’t want to pay the higher price tag for food and drink inside. Or you can combine the picnic idea with your favorite sports team.

Flatstick Pub Bigfoot hazard on mini golf course
In mini golf, luck can matter more than skill.

Mini Golf: Even if you have zero athletic talent, it never matters at mini golf. Find a local course and try your luck tilting at windmills, rolling through tunnels, or overcoming any other physical obstacles. Some courses offer food as well, but check before you go to know your options.

Empty camp folding chairs in a row
Grab a chair and find a performance near you.

Local Performance: In the summer, you can often find movies, Shakespeare plays, and much more showing at local parks around dusk. Pack your favorite camp chair and enjoy some quality time together watching your pick of entertainment.

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