Best Look and Find Books

Kids look and find books close up of 1001 Things to Spot in the Sea Hide and See Things That Go Where's Waldo? Thomas the Train Look and Find

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Seek Out These Great Reads

Kids look and find books close up of 1001 Things to Spot in the Sea Hide and See Things That Go Where's Waldo? Thomas the Train Look and Find
  • What: Best look and find books
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Make reading fun, entertaining, build literacy skills
  • Where: Amazon

Need a fun way to keep your kid occupied? Or perhaps you want to make reading more fun for your child, or even yourself. No matter what your reason, these look and find books offer kids an opportunity to test their finding skills at almost any level.

A Year at a Construction Site by Nicholas Harris building book for kids month by month

A Year at a Construction Site: This construction book shows a school under construction over the course of a year. Each page has a few things for kids to find, and works as a great way to test out if your kid likes look and find books. 

Where's the Wookie? 2 look and find Star Wars book for kids

Where’s the Wookie?: If you have a Star Wars fanatic, this look and find book will thrill them. It features some iconic Star Wars vehicles and characters, with a more challenging level of difficulty for older kids (and adults too!).

1001 Things To Spot in the Sea book by Usborne

1001 Things to Spot: One of my favorite book companies, Usborne, makes look and find books for kids featuring a variety of topics, from under the sea to fairies and pirates. These books help reinforce counting skills, as kids look for different numbers of each object. If your child wants to find all of 1001 things, it can entertain them for quite some time.

Where's Waldo? look and find search book by Martin Handford

Where’s Waldo?: This classic look and find book featuring Waldo works for adults and kids. Once kids master other look and find books, you can graduate to these busy books. You can get many different versions. If your child finds Waldo on each page, they can always go back and complete the myriad of other things on the check lists in the back.

Hide and Seek Things That Go look and find hardback book

Hide and Seek Things That Go: If you have a kid who loves any type of moving vehicles, get a copy of this book. It has multiple types of challenges, including finding a small yellow cartoon bus on each page, and matching silhouettes to photos. It also includes a huge variety of vehicles, from toy versions to photos of actual items.

Thomas and friends look and find book with hidden pictures

Thomas Look and Find: For younger kids new to the concept of searching for items, try this book showcasing popular character Thomas the Train. It requires zero counting or reading skills, and doubles as a story book as well. You can get a smaller board book for traveling or the full size hardback for use at home.

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