Shark Bike Horn

Sunlite Squeeze Horn in Shark shape kids bike horn bell

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Honk Honk Coming Through

Sunlite Squeeze Horn in Shark shape kids bike horn bell
  • What: Sunlite Squeeze bike horns
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Easy to use, affordable, not too loud
  • Where: Amazon

If kids’ bike bells drive you nuts, listen up for this alternative. Get a Sunlite Squeeze Horn in an animal shape to clear people out of your little one’s way on the sidewalk or at the park.

Sunlite Squeeze Horn in Giraffe on Amazon

The shark attaches to the handlebars using two screws. Once you install it with a screwdriver, kids can squeeze it to blast the horn. Although it provides plenty of volume for passersby to hear, it isn’t so loud as to be annoying when you listen to it time and time again. For some kids, the simple squeeze provides an easier way to let others know they are approaching than some of the levers on standard bike bells. 

Sunlite Squeeze Horn in Shark shape installed on kids bike for bell honk
My son has used his shark horn for over a year.

If you can’t get a shark, you can also get a turtle, cow, penguin, and more than 15 other animal shapes. These horns can also attach to stroller bars as well as bike handlebars if you want your toddler or preschooler to start learning the rules of the road.

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