Crayola Picture Projector

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Art That Goes Anywhere

Crayola picture projector nightlight flashlight for kids
  • What: Crayola Picture Projector
  • When: 3 to 8 years
  • Why: Temporary art display, dual purpose
  • Where: Amazon

Do you like display your child’s artistic endeavors, but run out of room? Maybe you want a less conventional display than the usual string method. If you want more display space and less art to worry about, take a peek at the Crayola Picture Projector.

Crayola Picture Projector
We’ve had our projector for years and now you can only find them seondhand.

With this projector, kids can draw right on the screen. Then, in a dark space, they can turn on the light to project their artwork onto almost any surface. Ceilings work great for art displays, as do walls. But the floor and any other surface where you rarely put art will do, too. It works equally well on camping trips as it can light up the sides of the tent.

Crayola Picture Projector nightlight flashlight for kids orange blue purple marker storage underneath
The three markers included store underneath the projector.

The projector comes with three small Crayola markers in orange, blue and purple. The markers store underneath the projector, which makes them harder to lose. Once your child gets tired of a design, they can erase their design and start all over again.

Crayola Picture Projector kids nightlight flash light projecting art onto beige wall
Kids can make their art larger by moving further away from the wall or other surface.

As an added bonus, the projector can double as a nightlight, or even a flashlight if kids need a midnight bathroom break at home or away.



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