Shark Melon

Watermelon shark from round watermelon at child's birthday pool party

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Take a Bite Out of This Treat

Watermelon shark from round watermelon at child's birthday pool party
  • What: Shark Shaped Watermelon
  • When: Any age
  • Why, Thrill kids and impress adults
  • Where: Your next event

Do you have a birthday party, pool party, or other summer event coming up? Looking for a healthy alternative to cake and ice cream that will thrill people of any age? Check out this awesome shark shaped watermelon.

Shark shaped watermelon holding watermelon chunks on table at child's birthday pool party
A small watermelon transported easily and had enough fruit for 15 kids.

I saw this cleverly cut melon online after reading an article about cool pool parties from a parenting newsletter. I am not a crafty person, so if I can pull off something like this in under 15 minutes, most people should have no trouble. You can find all the step by step directions and photos here.

To get your own baby shark, buy a watermelon (I preferred the smaller round type to the bigger oval shapes), a few toothpicks, and some supplies to use as eyes. Then all you need is a cutting board and a decent carving knife. Using the knife, cut off the bottom rind to create a flat surface. Then rest the melon on the flat edge you’ve created. Carve out a wedge about halfway between the flat edge and the top of the melon. Once you have a wedge removed, you can make two rows of triangle shapes. For extra effect, remove the green rind by taking a thin slice off each tooth. 

Once you have the shape of the mouth cut out, flip the melon over. A melon baller works wonders here, but I used a spoon and knife to do the same job. I cut all the melon I emptied into cubes and set them aside.

Oxo Good Grips Double Sided Melon Baller on Amazon

You can use part of the wedge to make a fin on the back. Stick a few toothpicks into the bottom of a triangle part of the wedge, and push the other end into the shark. Add a couple blueberries, grapes, olives, jelly beans, or whatever else you have on hand onto two more toothpicks and stick them in for eyes. 

I shoved all the pieces into a Ziploc bag and used that to transport my work of art. I had a covered bowl containing all the watermelon chunks. Once we got set up for the party at the pool, I put the eyes and fin on the shark, spooned some melon into the mouth, and left the rest for easy access.

If you want a show stopper for your next event this summer or any other time of you, pull out your cutting board and dust off your carving knife to create this wonder from down under the sea.

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