Best Beach Gear

kids on beach with wet sand and tidal pool sunshine reflecting off water

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Don’t Catch a Wave Without These Items

kids on beach with wet sand and tidal pool sunshine reflecting off water
  • What: Best Beach Gear
  • When: Birth to college
  • Why: Easy and fun
  • Where: Any stretch of sand

Have a trip to the beach with kids in tow in your future? Grab one or more of these awesome items to make it a breeze.

Mac Sports Portable hammock with shade with three kids lounging on it
A portable hammock can go anywhere and holds lots of kids.

Portable Hammock: If you want to relax while the kiddos splash, look no further than this portable hammock on wheels. It sets up and packs up in a jiffy, and you can drag it along easier than a resistant three year old. It can easily hold several kids out of the sand while you dust them off or switch clothes. Or you can relax while still keeping an eye on the ragamuffins. No matter how you use it, you can’t go wrong.

Lightspeed sport shetler pop up shade tent in blue set up in park
Shade tents provide even more coverage from the sun.

Shade Tent: Have a long haul to the beach and don’t want to lug a big bag of hammock? Try this portable shade tent instead. Or set up the tent for the kids and keep the hammock for yourself. With a strap that tosses over a shoulder, this tent weighs less than most camp chairs. It pops up in seconds and comes down almost as easily. With windows on three sides with removable shade, it means you no longer have to at the beach at the crack of dawn to score a shady spot.

Alite Designs Mayfly chair in southwest color pattern
A comfy yet compact camp chair.

Camp Chair: If you want a lightweight and compact yet comfy chair, look no further than Alite’s Mayfly design. It packs into a bag smaller than a two liter bottle and can go into most diaper bags, leaving you one less thing to carry. And with directions printed right on the sack, you can set it up without having a degree in any language. Once you finish sitting, the strong canvas shakes off and goes back into its bag to keep any lingering sand or moisture from getting on any of your other belongings.

Babyganics SPF 50 sunscreen stick, lotion spray, and All Good Kids sunscreen butter stick
Sunscreen is a must.

Sunscreen: No trip to the beach could be complete without sunscreen. No matter which application type you choose – spray, stick, or lotion – toss one of these safer options into your beach bag to keep yourself and your little ones safe from all the fun in the sun.

Sun Protection Zone bright pink wide brim sun hat with chin strap and purple flower designs that appear in sunshine
Lightweight and large brim can’t be beat.

Sun Hat: A quick drying material that also offers sun protection and keeps little heads shaded? Look no further than these large brimmed sun hats from Sun Protection Zone. Each one comes with a cord to tighten the head band, and some feature designs that show up in bright sunshine, increasing the odds your child will wear it. Plus a Velcro chin strap means it can resist wind and kids who like to run.

Spielstabil small sand pail bucket in red with green handle empty
Our little red bucket has lasted for years.

Sand Toys: If you want sand toys that will last more than one trip to the beach, or even one summer season, check out these shovels and buckets from SpeilStabil. My kids have yet to bust one. With two sizes to choose from, you can go with smaller and quicker to fill plus easier to transport, or bigger buckets for larger creations. 

Gogurt frozen yogurt tube for kid snacks keeping lunch box cold
A cold pack that doubles a frozen treat

Cold Snacks: Toss in a few frozen yogurt tubes for an easy alternative to the ice cream truck. As an added bonus, they will help keep other snacks, like apple slices, cool even on a hot day. And if the yogurt melts back into a liquid, kids will slurp it up anyway with zero complaints.


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