Easy Summer Punch

Raise a Cup to Warm Summer DaysCanada Dry Ginger Ale in 12 oz can and frozen limeade concentrate in container next to each other

  • What: Easy summer punch
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Refreshing, simple, pleasing
  • Where: Your next summer event

Want an easy recipe that’s refreshing and cool for those hot summer days? Stock up on frozen limeade concentrate and ginger ale. When you need a pitcher for a crowd, or even three hot and thirsty kids, crack open the cans.

Canada Dry Ginger Ale and frozen limeade concentrate in cans next to each other on countertop

These two simple ingredients plus some ice make a refreshingly easy and pleasing punch.

Mix one can of frozen limeade concentrate, substituting ginger ale for water according to the directions. Stir until the limeade dissolves, then add as much as ice as you’d like. Even with melted ice, the concoction tastes light and refreshing for all ages. If you want an adult version for those young at heart, it mixes beautifully with rum for mojito like refreshment, or pretty much any other clear liquor.

Whenever your adventures take you someplace hot, toss in some frozen limeade and ginger ale for an easy crowd pleasing drink.

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