Kids’ Swing

IKEA Gunggung swing hung from tree in yard

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Simple Summer Pleasures

IKEA Gunggung swing hung from tree in yard
  • What: IKEA Gunggung canvas swing
  • When: 3 to 8 years
  • Why: Affordable, durable, fun
  • Where: IKEA, Amazon

Looking for an easy to way to entertain your kids and burn off a bit of their energy inside and out? Install one of IKEA’s GUNGGUNG swings in or around your home.

IKEA Gunggung green swing product photo

This swing can be used indoors or outdoors. We still love our hanging Ekorre seat (also available on Amazon) from IKEA, but it works better as a cozy space for kids to hang out, spin, or curl up. So when we spotted this simple canvas model on sale at IKEA, we went for it.

Not only do our kids love it, but every kid who comes over loves it, too. It makes me wonder how we managed to go so long without a proper swing. The soft canvas means it cradles kids of any age. And you can adjust the included straps to make it the correct height so kids can practice pushing themselves and pumping up and down. It also twirls easily, for kids still mastering swinging while laying on their bellies, and for kids who can sit up and spin until you feel like throwing up from watching them.

Unlike some plastic swings, it doesn’t collect rain in puddles, though it does get wet. It also doesn’t offer a haven for any wasps and other stinging insects you wouldn’t want around your kids. The softer material also doesn’t hurt when it whacks people (like you) incidentally when empty.

You can buy a pack of Ekorre hooks to go with it to install inside, though we’ve only used it outdoors. We used the long canvas straps to wrap around a sturdy tree branch and double tested it with adults to make sure it would hold, though of course you should follow all manufacturer’s instructions and warnings.

IKEA Gunggung kids swing in green with black webbing inside packaging
I spotted a Gunggung swing in the As-Is section of our IKEA.

The only caveat? It isn’t available online from IKEA at the moment, and we got ours on final sale at a bargain basement price. But if you can find one, grab it and let the fun begin.

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