Lift and Look Books

Full of Flaps for Reading FunUsborne Lift and Look flap board books Cars Construction Sites and Planes in fanned stacked on hardwood floor

  • What: Lift and Look Books
  • When: 9 to 48 months
  • Why: Interactive, affordable, fun
  • Where: Amazon or Usborne

If you want a flap board book for kids, look no further than Lift and Look books from my beloved Usborne book company.

We’ve owned the Planes version for eight years or so. My kids can finally part with it, but despite a few flap repairs, we will be passing it along to relatives. These books have so much life in them! In addition to the non-fiction themes, each book has a different small creature to find on every page spread. Kids will enjoy looking under all the flaps to locate the hidden critter. Most of the thick, sturdy pages have four flaps to flip. The interactive flaps only enhance the bright illustrations and simple text that attract young listeners.

Usborne Construction Sites Lift and Look board book page spread with flaps to open and little rabbit to find

Each book features something different to spot on the pages.

We own Planes, Trains, Construction Sites, and Cars, but you can also get Dinosaurs, Tractors, Diggers, Emergency Vehicles, Trucks, Garden, and Under the Sea themes. No matter which one you choose to explore with your little one, you can’t go wrong.

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