Rush Hour Jr Game

Rush Hour Junior STEM Kids logic game close up of brightly colored plastic vehicles

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Beat the Traffic to Win

Rush Hour Junior STEM Kids logic game close up of brightly colored plastic vehicles

  • What: Rush Hour Jr Game
  • When: 5 to 8 years
  • Why: Improves spatial reasoning, single or multiple player
  • Where: Amazon

If you want a single player logic game for your kids, check out Rush Hour. It comes in both a junior and regular versions for multiple levels of play.

Rush Hour Jr Logic Game for Kids on Amazon

The Junior version, intended for ages 5 to 8 years old, comes with 16 cars and trucks, a board, and 40 challenge cards. Even kids who can’t read will have no trouble following the illustrations on the cards to set up a game. Once all the cars get parked, kids (and adults) try to get the ice cream truck out of the traffic jam to beat the challenge. All the pieces, including the square board, fit into the included drawstring bag for easy storage.

Rush Hour Jr Logic puzzle game for kids from Think Fun
Rush Hour Jr and all the accompanying pieces fit easily inside the included blue bag.

Vehicles can slide both forward and back to move along their prescribed tracks on the board, but can’t be picked up or jumped. This logic puzzle strengthens spatial relations skills. Much like Three Little Piggies or Roller Coaster Challenge, it can be played with a single player or multiple kids can collaborate to solve the challenge.

Rush Hour Junior ThinkFun games logic puzzle for kids back of box with instructions and example
Kids can easily set up and play the game with no literacy skills required.

Just for fun, my husband and I had a go at solving some of the challenges. We had no difficulty with the easier levels, but the hardest ones stumped even those of us well beyond the age of eight for a bit. The answer comes on the back of each card, but younger kids will probably need help interpreting the labels and instructions there, especially the first few times.

Kids playing Rush Hour Junior logic game puzzle from ThinkFun
My kids setting up a game.

My son recently bought the Junior version with his own money. He loves the small vehicles in bright colors, including the police cars, school buses, and fire trucks. He will spend time playing with the cars even if it has nothing to do with the game itself, proving kids can use the pieces any way they’d like for hours of fun.

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