Kids’ Toothbrush Cover

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Keep Your Bristles Clean and HappyExcelity Smiley Face Toothbrush cover cap with suction cup and flip lid top

  • What: Kids’ Toothbrush Cover
  • When: 6 months and up
  • Why: Keep toothbrushes clean and in reach
  • Where: Amazon

If your next adventure involves dirt or even just the normal packing debris, perhaps you, too, could use a toothbrush cover for your kids. I love this cap with a suction cup, which we’ve used for traveling for so long I only know it predates at least one of our kids.

Excelity Set of 4 Travel Toothbrush Cap with Suction Cup on Amazon

I picked up a pack of two at a drugstore on a whim because I thought my kids would love the smiley faces on the cover. But it turns out I love them even more than my kids. The covers flip open, unlike standard toothbrush caps. So no water or germs spray out from damp bristles when removing the cap. The holes that make the smile design also give plenty of air to dry their toothbrushes even squished into a packed bathroom bag.

Excelity travel toothbrush cover cap with smiley face and suction cup two hung side by side on mirror
My kids’ toothbrushes hung on the mirror thanks to their toothbrush caps.

And finally, they love hanging their toothbrushes on just about any smooth surface. Much like at home, where they will stick their suction cup toothbrushes to any and everything, they love to attach these caps. The cover will support the weight of both the cap and the toothbrush on most surfaces. They also work great for small spaces or keeping toothbrushes in reach even if you aren’t traveling. And the plastic holds up well to small hands, tightly packed bags, and time. All for a bargain bucket price, so low you can grab a few for your next trip.

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