Plus-Plus Building Bits

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A Great Addition To CreatingPlus Plus creative building open play construction pieces flat and 3D connected

  • What: Plus-Plus Building Sets
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Small, compact, endless possibilities
  • Where: Amazon or Plus-Plus

Does your kid love to build? Tired of investing in Lego sets that fall apart when you touch them? Want more basic building blocks to make better creations? Grab a tube of Plus-Plus pieces to get your kid’s creative building juices flowing.

Plus-Plus Open Play Construction Set 400 Pieces on Amazon

These blocks use one basic shape to create almost anything. The flat pieces can be combined in many different ways to make three dimensional models. Only the number of pieces you own and your child’s imagination will limit what they can build. Each Plus-Plus piece comes shaped like a traditional puzzle piece, with six ends that interlock. Kids can use the instruction books to follow step by step instructions with no literacy skills required. Or they can play open ended to create wherever their minds take them.

Plus-Plus unicorn mystery box set assembled construction toy building set pieces
One small shape can be combined to create myriad objects, including a unicorn.

Sets come in tubes of 70 or 240 pieces. You can also get boxed sets of 300, 400, 600, or 1200 pieces, some of which include base plates. Some sets include glow in the dark pieces as well as a wide range of colors. These tiny pieces can be split up into goodie bags for birthday parties, or doled out as rewards for completing tasks or earning check marks. Although the tiny pieces aren’t suitable for young kids under age four, you can easily store them in closed containers out of reach of younger siblings.

Invest in a set of starter pieces for your household and see who becomes more obsessed – them or you. 

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