Best Touch and Feel Books

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Give Babies a Feel for ReadingAlphaprints Touch and Feel, Bright Baby books, Usborne, Noisy Touchy Feely board books fanned in stack for young kids

  • What: Best Touch and Feel Books
  • When: 6 months to 5 years
  • Why: Interactive, tactile reading fun
  • Where: Amazon

If you want to get young kids involved in reading, try out any or all of these great touch and feel books. Each one offers textured pages so little ones can explore with their hands as they listen to your voice reading to them. 

Usborne Noisy Touchy Feely books This is my Car book with sound button beep beep beep

Noisy Touchy Feely: Add sound to the senses babies can enjoy with these touch and feel books from Usborne. Each one features a big button at the bottom corner of the page easy for little hands to mash. The repetition of sound and variety of surfaces will have young kids enthused from the first reading until the fiftieth and beyond.

That's not my hedgehog by Usborne books touchy feely

Usborne Touch and Feel: If you want even more subject matter to choose from, Usborne makes a wide range of Touch and Feel books. These basic board books stand up to multiple children and lots of touching, but can pack into a bag for on the go use as well.

Alphaprints Touch and Feel board book Tweet!Tweet!

AlphaPrints Touch and Feel: These adorable books use fingerprints and their associated raised ridges to create fascinating textures. Paired with fuzzy and smooth textures, AlphaPrints also uses creative illustration of animals and other objects by combining familiar items in novel ways.

Bright Baby Touch and Feel books in gift box set yellow Words board book

Bright Baby Touch and Feel: I love Bright Baby books almost as much as Usborne, though they appeal to a narrower age range. Their touch and feel books prove no exception. The brightly colored backgrounds contrast with simple photos of real life objects for a combination babies can’t resist.

five farm animal touch and feel textured cards by Infantino shown fanned out

Touch and Feel Cards: Technically not a book, these cards from Infantino will still provide lots of stimulation for any little one who loves to explore by touch. Each card features a different texture, and the included clip means they can go anywhere, from a stroller to a bag to a highchair for easy on the go entertainment.

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