Twin Mattress

Zinus Twin Spring Mattress White on Amazon

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Comfort Without More Cost

Zinus Twin Spring Mattress White on Amazon

  • What: Twin Mattress
  • When: Upgrading to a bigger bed
  • Why: Affordable, comfortable, durable
  • Where: Amazon

Has your little one recently upgraded from their crib or toddler bed? Do you need an affordable mattress that’s actually comfortable for adults and kids alike? Maybe you can’t fit even a small mattress in your car. Welcome to the magic of online ordering, where now even mattress can be delivered to your door, like the Zinus 6 Inch Spring Twin Mattress.

Zinus  Inch Twin Mattress 2 Pack on Amazon

This mattress is no simple foam affair either. Built like a standard spring mattress, it comes vacuum packed in a box. Kids won’t be able to pick apart the material or pull out seams. It stands up to frequent rotating (though you can’t flip it) and even pulling, tugging, and folding, without compromising on comfort. We ordered a twin pack, which works great for bunk beds, trundle beds, and stacking mattresses for convertible daybeds. 

You will want to unpack the mattress and give it a day or two to fluff back up into its original shape. The plastic packaging can also retain an odor that I prefer to let air out somewhere besides my young child’s bedroom. (We unpacked ours in the garage, but any well-ventilated room would do.)

I would highly recommend a solid waterproof mattress cover as well, especially with younger kids. Our cover has kept our mattress pristine for more than six months. If you want a solid mattress that will last your child for years to come without breaking the bank, take the Zinus 6 Inch Twin Mattress for a test run.

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