Kids or Thieves?

When Someone Trashes Our HouseMessy house mess made by kids building forts and removing sofa and couch cushions no floor visible

  • What: Mess left behind
  • When: Kids left unattended
  • Why: No one can explain
  • Where: Your home

You know live you with kids when you can’t set foot in your own house. Literally. They trash the house. It seems like robbers ransacked it for loot.  The only difference? The kids haven’t shredded the couch cushions for the hidden cash stash often featured in books and movies. 

Messy house with pillows cushions and blankets spread out all over floor by kids

My kids have made a mess again.

It only takes my kids five minutes or less to do all that damage. Getting them to clean it up? Timeless. My kids love to build forts. They will requisition any pillows or bedding not permanently attached. It would be cute if I had anywhere to sit. Or if I could reach some furniture without wading through all the toys, cushions, and mess. It never ceases to amaze me what they can come up with as entertainment.


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