Game of Life

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Life Is A Board Game

Hasbro Game of Life close up of blue car with tiny pink and pale blue stick people inside on game board

  • What: Game of Life
  • When: 6 years and up
  • Why: Classic, entertaining
  • Where: Amazon

Looking for another classic board game to play with your kids? Unearth that copy of the Game of Life from the back of your closet and get the fun started.

Game of Life on Amazon

Much like Monopoly, Clue, and Battleship, my kids love Life. My older son enjoys collecting the highest salary cards and as much money as possible for the win. My daughter loves populating her car with the tiny people. And my youngest son can’t get enough of the big spinning wheel. I love that they can all play, with or without me. Newer versions (we have an ancient board still in fine working condition) even feature pets for each player.

Game of Life Hasbro board game overview of board with spinner and Millionaire Estates at end
My kids all love this game for different reasons.

They will often pull out the game to play with friends and visiting relatives, and any other unsuspecting parties. We don’t use the stock certificates, and depending on who plays, may or may not invest in insurance. But I like that the basic concepts of earnings, taxes, bills, and insurance exist in this game on a level my kids can understand. It may not have helped them save, but it certainly helps them understand how the world (and money) works. And it keeps them entertained for half an hour or longer. What more can a parent ask?

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