Baby Tracking App 911

Rescuing My Kids’ InfoTotal Baby icon app image

  • What: Baby Tracking App
  • When: Birth to college
  • Why: Keep track of medical info and more
  • Where: Still looking…

Well, it’s finally happened. Despite my resistance, I had to upgrade my phone software. Why would I resist? Because my beloved Total Baby App quit supporting updates.

While the app lost its appeal in an overhaul more than two years ago, I haven’t had time to enter all that data into a new tracker. I’m a parent. I barely have time for showers. You think you only want a baby tracking app for your baby. But it turns out to be quite useful well past five years old. Crazy talk, I know.

I have all the vaccinations for all three of my kids listed in this old app, as well as every doctor’s visit made and medication they’ve imbibed. I can look at my eldest’s history and see how fast he got over some random illness, or how many times he vomited. And that information helps me make better decisions (do I need to drag my sick child out of bed and to the doctor?) for my younger kids. 

I used that app every time I had to fill out a vaccination form for preschool or school enrollment. It made my life so much simpler for that reason alone, plus it had many other benefits. I could record milestone moments and diary entries there to remember their precious sayings and first anything. It turns out, that while I may not care how often any of the three breastfed, slept, or pooped anymore, I do want all that other priceless info at my fingertips.

Luckily I extracted all that fine data before I upgraded. Unfortunately, it isn’t in a form I can use. I’d love to find a tracking app that will continue to function indefinitely for my kids’ medical history, if nothing else. Finding one that would allow me to import all my data would be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In the meantime, I like having a handy record of their growth charts as well as all the other stuff. If you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them.

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