Classic Board Games for Kids

Game of Life, Clue Junior, and Monopoly Junior board games in boxes stacked one on top of another

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Keep the Good Times Rolling

Game of Life, Clue Junior, and Monopoly Junior board games in boxes stacked one on top of another

  • What: Classic Board Games for Kids
  • When: Four years and up
  • Why: Fun, nostalgic, time-tested
  • Where: Amazon

Looking to relive some of your childhood glory with your kids? Want some entertainment options that don’t include a screen? Look no further than these cardboard boxes with a blast from your past.

Game of Life old school classic board game in vintage box

Life: It doesn’t get much more old school than the Game of Life. With its giant spinner and tiny people, this game has stood the test of time. You can get an updated version that includes pets, or stick to the standard variety we all knew and loved growing up.

Monopoly Junior property board game for kids in a box carnival theme edition

Monopoly Junior: You can start your kids on a lifetime of property investment even sooner with this junior version of the classic board game. It includes simplified rules and easier access to owning property, as well as smaller bill denominations to make math simpler. Or you can pull out the original game, and see how long your kids can last.

Battleship Game naval combat game box from Amazon

Battleship: I still love this game. While it requires some letter and number recognition, and also some skill at locating ships, the element of luck involved helps even the playing field among players of different ages and abilities. My kids like to play against anyone who will accept the challenge. A newer electronic version also exists if you want to add more complexity, but I still prefer the original.

Clue Junior mystery deduction logic board game for kids

Clue Junior: This mystery game involves figuring out who ate the cake with what drink at what time. Minus the criminal elements from the full adult versions, it still includes the colorful characters and detailed scenery that make the original memorable. And once they master this process of elimination, you can always move on to the other version.

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