Fairy Animal Books

Magical Fairy TalesFairy Animals of Misty Wood books by Lily Small Sophie the Squirrel Kylie the Kitten and Penny the Pony in a stack

  • What: Fairy Animal Books
  • When: Five to ten years
  • Why: Sweet, inspiring, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

If your child loved reading about Holly and the magical ponies, but needs more reading material, check out Lily Small’s series of Fairy Animals of Misty Wood books. 

These books all feature different magical animals living in Misty Wood. Each creature sports a pair of gossamer wings and has a special job which makes the woods a wonderful place to call home. Choose from a deer, puppy, squirrel, or mouse, as well as multiple kittens, ponies, puppies, and bunnies. With fifteen stories to choose from, your child can spend hours reading them all. Though all the books relate to the same setting, they can be read in any order.

Fairy Animals of Misty Wood books by Lily Small 12 covers from Amazon

Check out all the magical animals who populate the woods.

You can buy books individually or in several sets of three, including Kylie the Kitten, Daisy the Deer, and Sophie the Squirrel and Penny the Puppy, Paige the Pony, and Bailey the Bunny. I love the strong female characters who overcome obstacles and make wise choices to their benefit as well as others. But my daughter loves the fantasy world of flying creatures with magical talents.

Each book has several chapters with large text and frequent black and white illustrations. But beware. The chapters often end on a cliffhanger, keeping kids wanting more no matter who does the reading, them or you.

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