Best of July 2019

Driven pocket series green tiny dump truck on gray connecting road pieces

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Tiny Trucks, Soothing Ointments, and the Big PictureDriven pocket series green tiny dump truck on gray connecting road pieces

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July found some new contenders for the spot of most popular blog posts here at Practically Apparent. If you’ve missed any of these good reads, now you can catch up on summer reading, too.

Driven Pocket Series construction bridge set with trucks vehicles and signs and child's hand

Driven Pocket Series: These tiny cars make a big hit. Each small garage comes with three or more pieces of road that can connect, as well as a tiny vehicle. You don’t know which one you’ll get, though, and at the low price point and compact size, you might become as addicted as your child to collecting more.

Aquaphor .35 oz on the go tube healing ointment skin protectant

Aquaphor on the Go: This magical ointment can do almost everything. It can handle anything from diaper rash to skin inflammation and even prevent conditions like windburn. You can’t go wrong keeping a tiny tube handy, at home or on the go.

Crayola picture projector showing child's art on wall

Crayola Picture Projector: If you want to take your kids’ art to the next level, and reduce the amount of storage required for their creations, this projector might be the answer. It projects their drawings onto walls, ceilings, or pretty much anywhere. And if it happens to encourage them to turn out the lights, who will complain?

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