Boxes, Boxes, and More Boxes

Packing Pets and PeopleCat with green eyes looking up from empty cardboard moving packing box

  • What: Packing with kids
  • When: Moving
  • Why: Don’t leave anything behind
  • Where: Our home

Packing an entire household is hard enough. The last time I moved, I had only my own stuff to handle. I lived in a one bedroom apartment, and had minimal furniture and not a lot of storage space, so stuff didn’t collect.

Nine year old child curled up in medium size packing moving box in hall

I was shocked to discover my nearly nine year old squished into one of our moving boxes. I guess he didn’t want to be forgotten.

Now, after thirteen years, three kids, and multiple pets, I have to get everything into boxes once again. It turns out that isn’t easy, especially when other things keep magically appearing in all the empty boxes.

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