Camping Without Roughing It

Yurt camping structure in front of woods with young child standing in open doorway

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Year Round Yurts

Yurt camping structure in front of woods with young child standing in open doorway
  • What: Yurt Camping
  • When: Any season
  • Why: Fun for the whole family, easier than a tent
  • Where: Near you


If you want to go camping with less hassle, or maybe you’ve just moved and need a break from the packing and unpacking and hauling and finding things, try out yurt camping. 

Inside of yurt with single bed over queen bed rustic log bunk bed with sleeping bags
We take our own bedding for yurt camping.

These easy, fun tent alternatives can be used year round. While some have electricity, so you can plug in a space heater (and a cell phone, white noise machine, or other necessities), none have plumbing. Even though you’ll still have to trek to the community bathrooms, the sleeping arrangements more than make up for it. You don’t need to haul a tent, or worry about setting it up or taking it down in inclement weather. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, you just nestle inside with the family. Even better, you don’t sleep on the ground, on a sleeping mat, air mattress, or in a sleeping bag (unless you like that). Yurts come equipped with actual mattresses.

Inside of yurt camping structure with wooden table and chair and futon converted into double bed
Our yurt also had a futon and table with two chairs.

Our particular yurt featured a single over queen bunk bed and a futon that transformed into a double bed, as well as a table with two chairs, and two small benches. All that fit into the round canvas structure with the skylight on top typical of these outdoor dwellings. We had no trouble sleeping five people in various arrangements in ours, though in past years we’ve squeezed in a pack and play bed for younger kids as well.

With campfires and grills nearby, as well as a group of friends taking turns making meals, it made a great getaway from all the moving mess. Check out the options near you next time you need an affordable fun outdoor adventure for your family.

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