Packing with the 4-2-1 Rule

Pack Just the Right AmountJetkids BedBox, Orla Kiely orange stem print rollerboard suitcase, and Petunia PIcklebottom Sashay Satchel in stack of luggage

  • What: What I Pack
  • When: Traveling
  • Why: Avoid overpacking, don’t forget anything
  • Where: Your next trip

I know I’ve raved about my beloved 4-2-1 packing method. It has saved my sanity on many many trips, from camping with the kids, to three week adventures overseas. But what do I actually toss into my bag for clothes? Here’s my list.

Clothes by outfit laid out on bed for packing

For a warm weather trip, I packed two skirts, one pair of capris, three short sleeved shirts, one lightweight long sleeve cover up, undies, socks, pajamas, and a swimsuit.

I usually go with four tops in varying sleeve lengths and weights (depending on our destination), one pair of pants, one pair of leggings (full or capri length depending on the season), and a skirt. I also toss in a swimsuit even if I don’t plan to get in any water. I’ve had to buy swimsuits too many times not to include one. I include undies, socks, pajamas, and often a scarf for good measure. Most trips, I can fit all this into one large pack-it cube.

I prefer to travel with two pairs of shoes. I wear one and pack one. For winter, I wear the bigger boots (and heavier coat or sweaters), and pack a pair of easy on and off shoes for walks, trips to the pool, or other short outings. For summer, I wear sneakers and toss in my beloved Croc sandals, which work as everything from pool shoes to a dressier option, plus they weigh next to nothing.

Have fun on your next adventure!

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