Best of August 2019

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Tiny Trucks, Cozy Kids, and Entertainment on the GoREI Kindercone sleeping bag in blue with evergreen print on yellow lining, Amscan travel coloring kit in farm theme, and Driven pocket series tiny dump truck flat bed helicopter and garbage truck toys with two connecting road pieces

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In August, people got serious about entertainment, particularly small items that could travel easily. Not surprisingly, the third item on this month’s most popular list also related to summer travel with kids.

Driven pocket series tiny trucks with blind bag garages and road pieces that connect

Driven Pocket Series: These tiny trucks carry big loads of fun. Each small container comes with one of 20 or so vehicles, as well as several road pieces. The pieces can be combined to build bigger sets, or you can buy a complete set for a bit more. No matter which option you choose, the low price point and compact size make them a winner.

Child inside REI Nodder kids sleeping bag in blue with red zipper accents

Kids’ Sleeping Bags: You can’t go wrong with one of these sleeping bags from REI. They adjust in height to fit a wide age range of kids. We got our first one more than five years ago, and my nine year old still uses it regularly without any issues. Our kids love their sleeping bags so much they often sleep with them even in their own beds.

Amscan Trucks Planes and Trains coloring sticker activity kit with markers and pages to color

Amscan Travel Coloring Kits: These lightweight cases pack a lot of entertainment into a small space. Each box comes with four markers, assorted coloring sheets, and a set of stickers. Once kids finish coloring, they can flip the pages to the blank side for tic-tac-toe, hangman, or more drawing space. They come in a wide variety of themes and work well for both cars and airplanes. I have one for each kid.


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