Jetway Kid Parking 

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Keep Kids Safe in TransitSide of jetway with black and yellow caution stripes on edges of floor

  • What: Safe place for kids on the jetway
  • When: Boarding and deplaning with kids
  • Why: Keep your kid in sight and out of the way
  • Where: Your next flight

Need a handy place to park your kids while you wrangle the stroller on the jetway? I’ve traveled with three kids under the age of five so many times I’ve lost count, and I learned quickly to use this trick to keep them close but out of the way.

Control tower and runway behind plane wing
Get your kids safely on and off the plane.

Almost every jetway has yellow and black striped caution areas near the edges. My kids learned to park themselves somewhere on this strip before boarding, and after we got off the plane. I typically had one kid in a carrier, one barely toddling, and one who couldn’t wait for me to get all our stuff stowed in the stroller and on our way. But we spent lots of time waiting for the stroller to magically reappear from gate check, and more time getting everything settled so I could get through the airport with all our stuff and three small kids on my own.

Jetway caution stripes in black and yellow along edge
I park my kids along this strip to keep them close but out of the way of myself and other passengers.

Most kids big enough to walk can recognize colors, so you can tell them to find the yellow stripes and stand on them. We traveled enough I didn’t even need to give my kids instructions. They still sometimes go straight to the yellow safety stripes and wait for me to appear.

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