Sippy Cups Within Reach

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Repurpose Fridge Rack for KidsCherry coke, ginger ale, Playtex blue sippy cup with red lid, and Munchkin blue 360 sippy cup in wire fridge holder

  • What: Sippy Cup Cold Storage
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Kids can reach their own drinks
  • Where: Your home

I bet when you bought that shiny new fridge to go with your new digs, the thought of kids never even crossed your mind. Now you’re stuck with a two year old who likes to feast from whatever they can reach, like the lower freezer draws. I think all kids will agree the best stuff stays in the freezer.

French door fridge with lower freezer drawer with one door open to display door shelves
My nine year old is our only child who can reach the milk by himself now.

I can’t solve the freezer feeding problem, but if you discover, like we did after we moved, that your kids can’t reach most of your fridge, here’s a handy hint. We’ve repurposed the can drink holders into sippy cup holders. In our refrigerator freezer combo, we have not one but two freezer drawers on the bottom, and french doors on the top portion for the cold stuff. The doors came loaded with shelves and even a wire rack just the right size to keep canned drinks cold and handy.

Nuk, IKEA, Playtex, and Munchkin sippy cups in fridge wire holder meant for canned drinks
This canned drink rack fits just about any kind of kids’ cup.

We don’t drink much soda, or anything that comes in cans, so that space didn’t do much for us. But it turns out it works perfectly for holding most sippy cups, and in a place where the kids can reach them. At 5, 7, and almost 9 years old, they can’t reach most of the shelves. (I miss my old fridge with the freezer on top where I could stash all sorts of things out of their sight. Sigh.) Instead of spending even more of my time fetching their drinks for them, we keep them in this lowest rack so they can serve themselves.

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