Mini Shimmeez

Mini clip on Shimmeez in red and silver reversible sequins ladybug stuffed animal

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Small Sequined Stuffed Animals

Mini clip on Shimmeez in red and silver reversible sequins ladybug stuffed animal
  • What: Mini Shimmeez
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Compact, portable, attachable
  • Where: Amazon

My kids and I find Shimmeez fascinating, along with all other reversible sequin stuff. But they especially love their stuffed animals with sequins that flip. So when I stumbled across the newest, smallest, collection of sequined stuffies called Shimmeez Clip-Ons, I bought three as gifts for my kids.

Shimmeez Clip On Owl on Amazon

These smaller versions come with a keychain-sized clip that makes them perfect for attaching to backpacks or bags or even each other. If you want to spend less, or have stuffed animals that take up less room, these tiny guys work perfectly.

My daughter loves having a sequined “family”, with reversible sequins on multiple sizes of pets. My son wants to adopt more small sequined animals as siblings to the one he has. I just love the smaller size and price tag, though I confess to being mesmerized with flipping the sequins myself. 

Shimmeez reversible sequin stuffed animals in large, medium, and small clip on sizes
These tiny Shimmeez take up much less space.

The small clip ons don’t have as many sequins to flip, so although kids might find it harder to create designs like their initials or shapes, they still get the versatility and satisfaction of switching things up whenever they like.

You can get this smallest size in a cat, dog, bear, chick, lamb, owl, pig, or ladybug. Or you can buy three at a time in a Shimmeez Clip On 3-Pack Bundle and get a random selection. If your kid loves Shimmeez and you don’t want to haul around the large or even medium sized stuffed animals, grab one or more of these tiny creatures. 

Shimmeez Clip On on Amazon

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