Groovy Girls

Manhattan Toys Groovy girls with orange legs and green shoes in Girls Rock! t shirt

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Durable Dolls with Personality

Manhattan Toys Groovy girls with orange legs and green shoes in Girls Rock! t shirt
  • What: Manhattan Toy Groovy Girl Dolls
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Wide range of looks, long lasting, encourages individuality
  • Where: Amazon

Maybe you skipped the Groovy Girls phase as a kid. If so, you missed out on a great fad. Back in the day, you could buy the dolls, extra outfits, and a wide assortment of accessories.

Groovy Girls Lily Fashion Doll on Amazon

Now I have a daughter of my own who has discovered the joy of these soft, plush dolls, each with their own look, name, and personality. You can still buy dolls brand new, and some accessories, though if you want to expand their wardrobe, you’ll need to look at secondhand sources.

Girl playing on floor surrounded by Manhattan Toy Groovy Girl dolls and accessories
My daughter will spend hours playing with her Groovy Girl collection on her own, or with friends and siblings.

I love Manhattan Toy Company for the quality products they make, and still can’t get enough of their Baby Stella doll though my kids have mostly passed that stage. These Groovy dolls, with their varying skin tones, hair colors, and ethnicities, thrill me just as much. I like the real body representation (no impossible waist sizes here!), and Groovy Girls giant feet with colorful footwear. Despite the name, you can also find Groovy Boys as well.

Manhattan Toys Groovy Girls boy with navy blue lace up shoes wearing khaki shorts and purple top
Groovy Boys often have less colorful legs, but otherwise look very similar to the girl dolls.

These toys hold up remarkably well to lots of play, yet can still look and feel new. I scoured several sources for a stash of Groovy Girls at a fraction of the retail price. Now whenever any gift giving occasion comes around, I have presents for my daughter on hand. We regularly enjoy playing with these dolls together, and she plays even more with them herself and with her friends. Most of the ones I got secondhand look and feel like the brand new dolls. 

Manhattan Toys Groovy Girls accessories bed sleeping bag sofa chair cafe desk and dressing table
I scored a lot of accessories secondhand, like a sleeping bag, dressing table, desk, and even a cafe!

You can buy these dolls and a tent, bed, closet, or even swanky sofa to go with them, all in the bright colors and contrasting patterns that have become a hallmark of this line of toys.

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