The Advent of Calendars

Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar box with child's hand on top

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Get a Good Selection and Price Now

Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar box with child's hand on top
  • What: Toy Advent calendars
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Countdown to Christmas
  • Where: Amazon

Tis’ the season, and unlike almost every store we walk into, I don’t mean Halloween. October means the best selection of toy Advent calendars for the holiday season.

Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar on Amazon

We love to get our kids Advent calendars. It helps them countdown the days until Christmas. When they were younger, they practiced their number recognition and counting skills. Now that they’ve mastered those basics, it helps keep the “how much longer until Christmas?” questions at bay. And if we have any big events happening, like seeing Santa or visiting family, we can give them an exact date and they use their calendars to calculate how much longer.

Child sitting on sofa playing with Lego Friends Advent calendar scene
The Lego Advent calendars usually include a fold down flap to set the scene.

You can get Advent calendars filled with chocolate if you don’t want a bunch of tiny toys. Or if you prefer non-food, you can find a wide selection of toy themed calendars, each with 24 doors to open, one for every day in December counting down to Christmas. Both Lego and Playmobil make popular sets. Lego usually has at least three varieties to choose from, including Star Wars, City, and Friends themes. This year you can also get a Harry Potter Lego set. Playmobil offers sets in their regular size and 1.2.3 series for younger children if you want to avoid small choking hazards. But you can also get calendars in themes like Disney’s Tsum Tsum , Hatchimals, or Paw Patrol, as well as Hot Wheels and other toy brands.

Child playing with Playmobil Christmas farm Advent Calendar scene on top of box
The Playmobil versions often include a pop up scene that can be set up to extend the fun.

No matter which one you choose, these calendars get your kids into the Christmas spirit for weeks instead of just a few days. While you can definitely get Advent calendars closer to the start of December, shop now for the best selection and prices.

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