Go, Dog. Go! Book

Go, Dog. Go! by P.D. Eastman edited by Dr. Seuss book

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Run, Skip, or Hike to Get a Copy

Go, Dog. Go! by P.D. Eastman edited by Dr. Seuss book

  • What: Go, Dog. Go! Book
  • When: 6 months and up
  • Why: Classic, fun, entertaining
  • Where: Amazon

I can clearly remember the excitement building up in P.D. Eastman’s popular Go, Dog. Go! picture book from my own childhood. I loved to look at the last page, with the dog party in the tree, searching out fun details like the giant cake pieces and different colored dogs.

Go, Dog. Go! book on Amazon

Go, Dog. Go! features the story of a bunch of dogs doing regular everyday things like working, playing, swimming, and more. And all the dogs head to one location. Can you guess what it is? Periodically, two of the brightly colored characters stop and inquire about hats, which get more outrageous as the story progresses.

Go, Dog. Go! red dog on blue tree blue dog on red tree green dog on yellow tree page
This book contains a lot of key concepts, like colors and sizes.

This classic children’s tale can even be seen in theater versions. We took all three of our kids to a performance one year, and they loved it. They still ask when we can go see it again.

You can get a shorter board book version that still hits all the highlights of the full paperback edition. If you want a book that will stand the test of time and yet continues to delight kids and adults of all ages, look no further than this colorful tale.

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